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3 Ways to Save on Healthy Foods

Posted by msmrealtygroup on May 10, 2017
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Finding the motivation to choose healthier foods is hard enough. But don’t let your wallet take a hit when you make positive food choices. Here are three ways to eat well without breaking the bank.

Eat what’s in season. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive when grown out of season, so be sure to check prices and buy what’s fresh and local. This can also help you add variety to your diet.

Cook at home. Healthy food can be even more expensive when you dine at a restaurant. Make a salad at home, grill your own chicken and bake your own zucchini bread to save money on the presentation and gratuity.

Freeze your fruits. Don’t let your berries and bananas go bad before you can eat them. To get your money’s worth, freeze your overripe fruits to use in a smoothie. This also saves you time and adds a natural sweetener to any breakfast shake.