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5 Steps to Better Meal Prep

Posted by msmrealtygroup on July 10, 2017
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5 Steps to Better Meal Prep

Taking a little time to plan and prepare your weekly meals can save time and alleviate stress. But where should you start?

1. Pick three to four evening meals to make per week. Choose recipes that use similar ingredients to help ensure you aren’t wasting groceries.

2. When shopping, make sure to add household staples to your cart. That way your kitchen will always be stocked with go-to items you can reach for on days you don’t have planned meals.

3. Invest in high-quality, transparent containers to keep your refrigerator organized. You should be able to peer into your fridge and see everything you have on hand.

4. Pick one day to prep. Set aside a couple of hours to complete all chopping, mixing and dicing. You don’t have to cook the full meal right at that time, but a little preparation can be a major time-saver. Don’t forget to prep some healthy snacks to last throughout the week.

5. Make prep time more enjoyable by putting on your favorite playlist, podcast or TV show. Having background sounds will keep your mind occupied as you chop, dice and slice.