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Posted by msmrealtygroup on July 10, 2017
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Plant-Based Diet 101

“Plant-based diet” is not the most popular term in the American vernacular. However, this way of eating is gaining exposure as the health field identifies the benefits of bumping up your plant intake.

The core foods in a plant-based diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, tubers, and legumes. Anyone who follows a plant-based diet void of animal products or bi-products is considered a vegetarian.

U.S. News & World Report polled a panel of health experts and found that among 38 different type of diets, vegetarian ranked tenth in the best for your health and fourth in combating diabetes. Vegetarian diets have shown to improve heart health, help shed pounds and ease chronic illnesses.

There are several different types of plant-based diets that allow you to eat more than just plants. Pescatarians eat fish in moderation along with the core food items. Flexitarian, fourth on the best diets list, includes the core items plus clean lean meats such as fish, bison and chicken.

Whatever you choose to call it, focusing on a plant-based diet ultimately means reaching for more natural, whole substances and less processed foods. When you do this, you’re fueling your body with important vitamins and nutrients that are vital to good health.