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Posted by msmrealtygroup on July 10, 2017
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Summer Activities to Beat the Heat

Some of the warmest days of the year are upon us. Getting outside and staying active is hard when the cool of your home beckons you. The key is finding the right activities to do at the best times of the day.

Shop at a local farmer’s market on the weekends. You will start your day by taking a stroll surrounded by fresh and healthy produce. You will also be supporting local farmers and businesses with your purchases.

Join a bike-riding club that cycles in the morning or the evening. You will start and finish your ride before the heat can catch up with you.

Move your exercises to the pool. Swimming laps or joining a water-aerobics class can help you burn serious calories without overheating.

Remember, summertime is when towns come to life with free activities for families to enjoy. Check out your area’s events calendar each week to see what is available. Outdoor yoga classes, concerts and movies are popular options.

If you cannot avoid being outside during the afternoon hours, be sure to have plenty of water on hand and don’t forget your SPF 30+ sunscreen.