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3 Ways to relax for the over-stressed

Posted by msmrealtygroup on February 10, 2018
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Is your to-do list overwhelming? Have you been working long hours lately? Are you at your wit’s end? Let these tips help you prioritize, reduce stress and take a much-needed break.

Meditation – Clear your mind and focus on your breathing in order to help lower your heart rate and improve your sleep quality. Practicing mindfulness helps you prepare for times when the stressors of the day pull you down.

Exercise – If your stress and restless mind are affecting you, then it may be time to slip on your running shoes and give your mind a break. The endorphins released during exercise will help you rebalance and refocus your energy, as well as reduce the symptoms of your stress.

Strategy – Brian Dyson, former CEO of Coca-Cola, introduced the “rubber balls” and “glass balls” concept to teach others how to manage stress. Rubber balls, which represent nonessential stressors, bounce back if you let them drop. Glass balls, which represent the essential things in life, will shatter if you drop them. When you feel overwhelmed, it may be time to prioritize and let the rubber balls bounce.