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Upset stomach? Take care of your tummy with these tips

Posted by msmrealtygroup on February 10, 2018
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Sometimes, the best wisdom is to go with your gut. But, what if your gut is in a rut? Any day of the week, you might feel some symptoms of an upset stomach such as acid reflux, bloating or nausea. Don’t take these issues lightly! Stomach health can affect your skin, mood, weight, sleep, and overall well-being. So, keep your gut in check with these tips to feel normal again.

Decrease your dairy intake. 
While your body may normally tolerate dairy, too much can cause your gut to go haywire. You don’t have to cut out dairy altogether, but decreasing the amount you consume can alleviate many common stomach ailments. However, yogurt is the exception because it contains probiotics to help regulate the gastrointestinal tract. Consult your doctor about your dairy consumption to come up with an appropriate, reduced-dairy diet.

Skip the artificial sweeteners.
Fresh, whole foods are best for your stomach health. Did you know that artificial sweeteners are difficult to digest and can increase the number of harmful bacteria in your gut? This imbalance won’t make you feel good. Sure, some bacteria from probiotics and naturally fermented foods are beneficial. But, the bacteria that thrive on artificial sweeteners don’t do your stomach any favors.

Give your gut a rest.
Sometimes your stomach just needs a break. Stress, anxiety and illness can cause your body to work overtime. Low-fat and low-sodium soups, applesauce, lean meats, and bananas are a few easy-to-digest foods that won’t upset your stomach. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, raw veggies, and greasy meals. Keep foods light, and add to your self-care diet by drinking more water. Adequate hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy gut.