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I met Myrna when I was at the point of giving up on purchasing a home. My previous realtor and loss of bids on homes left me frustrated and disappointed. I googled for realtors and came across Myrna, I called her and set up an appointment. When I first met her I told her my previous experience she assured me that she would be able to find me a home. I admit I was a bit skeptical but her firm confidence was good enough for me to give her a chance. So here I am in my home thanks to Myrna. She went above and beyond the responsibilities of a realtor, at some point I thought she was also my lender and lawyer. She was very helpful and informative, rest assure what she does not know or is not sure of she will definitely get the answers. When I am ready to buy/sell she will be my realtor again and most definitely would recommended her. Myrna continues to be a asset to me she continues to communicate with me making sure everything is going well and let's me know what I can do or have to do as a first time home buyer her guidance has been an absolute blessing to me. Myrna is definitely all about her clients.... Thank you for your dedication, hard work, professionalism and most of all caring for your clients!
M. Rosario, Franklin Park
In November 2015, I purchased my first home. Ms.Myrna was very explanatory with the entire process. Any question or concern I had, she would take the time to explain it down to the math of everything that confused me. My family and I our very thankful for her service and guidance. Even now after purchasing my home, she continues to go out of her way to help.
O. Vazquez, Brighton Park
I met Myrna when I was trying to find a displaced family (due to a fire), an apartment to live in on a short term basis. She was very sympathetic towards the family and was eager to do what she could to help. Although her client was looking to have a tenant occupy the unit on a long term basis, she was able to work out a feasible arrangement with her client and the family, which allowed them to occupy the apartment. Based on this positive experience, Myrna's professionalism, exceptional level of expertise, and adverse knowledge about real estate; prompted my father and I to hire her as our a personal realtor to help sell his 2 flat building. Hiring Myrna was the best thing we did!!! She provided us with all the tools and information needed to prepare the property to sell at the best price possible. The property listing details and photos were very professionally done. By following all of her suggestions, we were able to pass all inspections (with zero items flagged) and sold the building in less than 2 weeks of it being placed on the property! If you want to lease, buy or sell don't waste anymore time looking for a realtor because, Myrna is as great as it gets!!! Personable, honest, dedicated and hard working...with VERY reasonable fees too!!
D. Nixon, South Austin
She is just more than a realtor. Hard working, professional, very sincere, awesome. I will definitely work again with her. Just want to thank her for everything.
S. Chowdhaury , South Chicago
I was referred to Myrna by a friend, who parents also had Myrna as their realtor. Myrna did more than I expected from a realtor, she made sure she kept me updated every step of the way with the seller agent and the lawyers. Myrna was very supportive and a pleasure to work with in finding my family dream home.
L. Patterson , South Chicago
My husband and I met Myrna 4 years ago as she was recommended to us by an attorney friend of ours. That particular deal went sour. Myrna stayed firm, professional and protective of us, her clients. Myrna did not give up on the idea of us owning our home. We contacted her 2 years later and are proud homeowners. Myrna knew our wants and searched high and low and found exactly what we wanted. My husband and I would not hesitate in recommending Myrna.
I am grateful to have met Myrna Martinez in my journey of Home buying, which I knew was going to be something great in my life. This is something that I have been trying to do for about 3 years. I knew by having a wonderful Realtor as Myrna, I would find the right home that fits me. Myrna’s personality and how she presents herself in a professional manner is just a wow factor alone. Home searching can be a stressful process but I can say having her on your team, I can guarantee you the process will be a breeze because Myrna will make sure your desires are met. I can say by working with Myrna as my realtor I have NO regrets and I am looking forward to working with her on my next Home Project! Thank you again, Myrna, for all the laughter, knowledge, and just experience throughout buying my first home.
Myrna Santiago-Martinez is a great real estate agent and an even greater person. If you asked me to sum up her approach to both life and work, it would be: honest. I had an agent before her, and I was reluctant to look at a property with her, because no matter what the problems, however apparent, the agent would try to sell me the place. I always had to protect myself, whereas what I needed was an agent who would help me find a good place, not just make a sale. Myrna is the good kind of agent--she was more aggressive than I in identifying problems, but also, in a couple of cases, in suggesting solutions to problems so that we didn't rule out every property, which, unless you have scads of money, can seem to happen. She has rather extensive experience in DIY fixes because she works on houses herself, and also in finding contractors, so her advice was wise. We found the right one in the end, got the best price, and I am very happy with it. So Myrna is a really good real estate agent, but more, she's a truly nice person, she cares about things, she cared about me, and the whole experience was human and good. I do recommend her!
Myrna helped us get our 1st home and it was a great experience! She was VERY patient with us and most important, she was very knowledgeable about the whole process! We had a very minor glitch after we bought the home and she stepped in to help AND resolve right away!! What is very nice, and I know she does not need to do, is keep in touch by sending us homeowners info. 🙂

If you want to find a home, your best bet is to find it with Myrna.

M. Baine,
Myrna was wonderful while my wife and I looked for a new place to live. You never have to worry about Myrna getting back to you because she is very communicative. Her sweet and loving personality along with her market expertise made our home search enjoyable. She is the best!.
I was paying rent and getting tired of not having the security of owning my own home, so I spoke with my wife and we decided that it was time to really try and see if I would be able purchase a home. I admit I was a little concerned since I tried in the past and had a really pushy real estate agent that was not looking in my best interest. That all changed when I spoke with Ms. Myrna, not only could she answer all my questions, she had solutions to all my worries. Ms. Myrna, gave me information for a banker and inspector.

During my search with Myrna I felt that there would be no way we would be able to find our dream home with the low income I had and down payment, but Myrna insured me that she could make it happen. She also gave me information for a government program that would give me $7,500 toward the down payment on my home. After searching and looking at over a handful of homes I was expecting Ms. Myrna to start pushing us, but she never did. Then a house came on the market that my wife and I were interested in. We decided to drive past the area to see the home and right away without even stepping inside we told Ms. Myrna we wanted it. Myrna stayed up all night and past midnight to get the paperwork ready and signed. Then she spoke to the agent selling the home and she was able to get us to see the house before anyone else the very next day! I was shocked that with such little sleep, Ms. Myrna would go out of her way and sacrifice for us. When we got to the home in the morning we told Myrna that this was the house and we were the first to offer, but at the end of that night there were other bidders. We offered all that we got approved for and we just felt so sad that we could lose our dream home. After hearing this my wife and Myrna wrote a letter to the seller telling them about us and how she felt from the little time she was with us she could tell how great people we were. So we waited to see what the results would be. Not wanting to put our hopes up because we assumed that the sellers will pick the highest bid no way would they say no to less money, right? It was approximately two days later and Ms. Myrna gave us the news that we got the home and that her letter played a role on the seller's decision. I could remember being on speaker and just crying with my wife because we were so happy and grateful for all of Ms. Myrna’s help. This home buying experience was not only was amazing but I feel that I have a new friend and that’s Ms. Myrna. She is not only an amazing person, but I know if you chose her as your agent you will not regret it.

Thank You Myrna for all you have done.

From your friends Aaron & Jeanette

She went above and beyond the call of any real estate agent to help us get our dream home!!! She was there every step of the way and even when times got hard and complicated her smile and her assurance helped us get passed them. I would strongly recommend her and have. If you need someone to work hard for you Myrna is one of the most professional real estate agents that I have ever met!
We were LUCKY to have Myrna as our realtor!! She was very patient with us and always so positive and very knowledgeable. She always went above and beyond her responsibilities as a realtor and I know she can find anyone a home as she helped us (we were very picky). I have already told all my friends and family about her and now I am telling all who see this recommendation. Myrna is on your side and will, with no doubt, help you get your home.
Our experience of buying a home with Myrna was exceptional! Prior to finding her, our search of a home consisted of three years and several other realtors. The weekend after contacting Myrna, we immediately began our home search. It only took three months for Myrna to help us find the perfect home. Being first time home buyers, we didn’t know a lot of terms and procedures associated with mortgage and real estate, but Myrna made sure to help and aid us in any questions that we had. I would 100% recommend Myrna to any other person because of her knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism! I am confident that the next real estate deal that we do, it will be through Myrna!
Primeramente queremos agradeserle a nuestra realtor Myrna por todo el gran esfuerzo y apoyo q nos dio al encontrar la casa perfecta. Cuando la conosi en el momento no pude comprar la casa pero me ayudo a educarme. Lo q me ayudo a educarme fue en ,forma d pensar y como administrar mis gastos si me proponia a comprar una casa. Tiene un año q recien cumplimos un año d casados y con su gran apoyo pudimos realizar nuestro gran sueño d comprar casa. Yo Raquel siento q Myrna es mas que una realtor es una gran amiga porq se preocupa por sus clientes y los gustos que uno tiene. Al igual que siempre esta pendiente d todo lo que tiene que ver con lo q es parte d su trabajo. Aunque ya los ayudo con nuestra casa todavia sigue al pendiente d nosotros para ver como estamos . Myrna es muy dedicada a su trabajo y deverdad se la recomendamos a todos aquien buscan una realtor q sea dedicada y gran trabajadora como Myrna. Estamos muy contentos d la bendicion d conocer a Myrna por todo los que los ayudo.
Myrna guided me through the entire process, from comparable to explaining the renting options etc. I credit Myrna Martinez with a smooth, stress-free home-renting experience. This is my fifth rental of property, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. Myrna is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. I never could have gotten through this process without the help of someone her caliber. Her major strength is her patience and dedication to her work. To reiterate, I am nothing but pleased with Myrna and her expertise and we recommend her to everyone.
Myrna is the best! She was attentive, very professional and truly cared about finding me the right property. It only took about a month for her to find me the perfect home. She's helped me find my second property already and my family and I will continue to go to her and refer her to others from now on. Myrna is very patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to others... she is a wonderful person and the very best!!!